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2012 Maize Yield Forecast

Serious maize yield shortages are forecasted in Botswana (-8%) and Lesotho (-12%). Somewhat smaller but still considerable deficits are expected in South Africa (-7%), Zimbabwe (-9%) and Angola (-5%). In Malawi (+10%) and Namibia (+4%) good yields are expected.

The growing season has been relatively dry in large parts of southern Africa with disappointing maize yields as a result. Figure 1 summarises the expected national maize yields, expressed in terms of the difference relative to the previous five year average (blue) and the 2011 yields (red). This result is based on all Meteosat data from the start of the growing season up to April 10th.


Maize relative to the previous 5 yr average (%). Below average yields in red and black, above average yield in green and blue.

Download the bulletin including national, provincial and district maize yield figures.