Satellite Data for Climate, Water and Food

Niger basin project

EARS and UNESCO-IHE are cooperating with the Niger Basin Authority to implement the climate monitoring and river flow forecasting system at NBA headquarters in Niamey, Niger. The preparation phase of this ORIO funded project is currently completed and the project is awaiting approval for a 3-4 year implementation phase. Thereafter a 5 year operation and maintenance phase is foreseen. The project will provide daily distributed data fields of temperature, radiation, evapotranspiration and precipitation at 3 km resolution. the data will be used for drought monitoring and river flow forecasting.

user_images/Flood_Niamey_large.pngAugust 2012 parts of Nigers capital Niamey are flooded. Net precipitation in the upstream basin was about twice the climatic average.

Niger flooding August 2012

EWBMS data show that net precipitation in the basin upstream of Niamey was about twice the 10 year average value. After implementation of the EWBMS and related Large Scale Hydrological Model, it will be possible to provide timely forecasts of such flooding events. Below the 10 year average and the current value of the effective precipitation are shown. In 2012 precipitation is very high in the Mali and Burkina parts of the river basin.

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